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Company profile

Company profile

Shanghai Jaqi Medical Co.,Ltd is a trading company established in cooperation with manufacturers. It has brands such as JAQIMED, EJALAB, JAYVET, NAFERN, etc., dedicated to the marketing and export services of medical equipment, laboratory equipment, pet medical treatment and anesthetic materials. JAQIMED.COM is a newly launched website dedicated to offering operating equipment accessories after 5 years of cooperation with international customers. It is an extension of JAQIMEDICAL.COM medical equipment website, but it is more targeted and specialized, making it con...


Our service advantage

JAQIMED have a professional R&D team dedicated to developing new product and keep updating. high-quality processing team and advanced processing and testing equipment are the primary guarantee for product quality. Oriented by market demand, accept customized design, make samples according to drawings, and truly achieve production to serve the market. Sufficient clinical experience, serve in domestic and foreign hospitals for many years, all products are fully...



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