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Shanghai Jaqi Medical Co.,Ltd is a trading company established in cooperation with manufacturers. It has brands such as JAQIMED, EJALAB, JAYVET, NAFERN, etc., dedicated to the marketing and export services of medical equipment, laboratory equipment, pet medical treatment and anesthetic materials.

JAQIMED.COM is a newly launched website dedicated to offering operating equipment accessories after 5 years of cooperation with international customers. It is an extension of JAQIMEDICAL.COM medical equipment website, but it is more targeted and specialized, making it convenient for customers to find suitable accessories quickly. our products, especially operating room equipment accessories factory is located in Shanghai, with 15 years of manufacturing history, currently could provide more than 100 kinds of operating table accessories, orthopedic accessories.we have high-quality production staff team, advanced processing and testing equipment, serving various domestic clinical trials and surgical evaluations throughout the year, according to the demand and weaknesses of the market, constantly update and improve our production skills, provide more affordable and convenient, and be more friendly to medical care and patients all kinds of orthopedic auxiliary accessories, truly produce and serve the market, accept various market customization, and the development model of product service for customers.

The operating table accessories and orthopedic accessories provided by JAQIMED have passed ISO and EU CE certification to ensure that we provide high-quality and high-standard accessories to meet international standards.

If you are also looking for medical equipment, laboratory equipment, pet medical treatment and anesthesia materials, you can also contact us. Our sales will offer service to follow up your needs in time. If you have any questions or suggestions about the product and website, please call or email us in time. Thank you very much.

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