Beach chair posture shoulder operating frame

The shoulder surgical treatment board is also called the surgical beach chair posture to place the parts or the shoulder movable knife holder.

-In general shoulder surgery, the patient must be placed in a recliner position, and the recliner position can fully show the shoulders.

After removing the foot section from the operating table, install the part on the buttocks section, and use a standard air pressure bar to adjust the patient’s posture. The adjustable head support frame is equipped with a bandage to easily adjust and fix the patient’s head. The movable shoulder side plate gives the actual operation of shoulder surgery.

The posture of the surgical beach chair/shoulder operating frame:

1. Lean the upper body back 15-30°, flex the hip 45-600, and bend the knee 30°

2. Fix the head and neck steadily, and avoid the rabbit tracheal tube from falling off.

3. Add a maintenance pad on the abdomen to avoid hanging in the air.

4. Expose the affected shoulder to ensure that the operation and the theme activities of shoulder joint dislocation are not blocked.

Advantages of surgical beach chair position:

1. The surgical field under knee arthroscopy is closer to the basic anatomy, which is more beneficial to novices.

2. The surgical punch can adequately internal and external rotation, adduction and external rotation of shoulder joint dislocation, which is conducive to actual operation.

3. No traction belt is used, which reduces the risk of nerve spasm.

4. It is changed to open to the outside world for surgical treatment without having to pose again and prepare in advance for disinfection and sterilization.

5. It is very easy to carry out surgical treatment of the acromion, acromioclavicular joint and rotator cuff.

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