Carbon fiber Mayfield Three point skull clamp frame 

Three-point skull clamp frame Mayfield head frame head frame made in China.

Clinical application:
Carbon fiber craniocerebral surgery head frame, suitable for neurosurgery craniocerebral surgery.

Material: Full imported carbon fiber.

1.The head frame is fixed by inserting side rails, the distance between siderails can be flexibly adjusted 400-630mm.

2.Different connection devices can also be customized to meet any operating table, it can be fixed on the imaging bed to meet the X- ray need.

3.Standard 3 pcs adult head nails and 3 pcs children head nails are included to meet different age patients.

4.The standard model of the headstock is equipped with a set of universal side rail connectors to meet different operating tables.

Structure and performance:

1.the whole set of equipment is composed of three parts: the basal body, the head fixing frame and the head support. According to the operation needs, can be assembled and used.

2.the device adopts the crank connecting rod structure, and the locking lever is fastened by a lever handle, which is safe and reliable.

3.the whole set of equipment design is reasonable, the production of fine, compact structure, small size, so that the scope of the operation is relatively increased, from the surface can reduce the physical strength of physicians.

4.the device is easy to install and adjust, which greatly shortens the time of preoperative preparation.

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