Head frame for craniocerebral surgery and neurosurgery

The surgical headstock is an instrument used for head fixation in neurosurgery. The safety and reliability of the surgical headstock ensures the smooth progress of the operation.

Surgical head holder manufacturer-overview of craniocerebral surgery head holder

Brain tumors, intracranial aneurysms and vascular malformations are all common craniocerebral diseases. The treatment is mainly surgical treatment. Performing craniocerebral surgery must have a fixed position that is convenient for the operation to facilitate the exposure of the visual field. Insufficient fixation of the head during the operation will affect the surgeon’s operation and treatment effect.

During the operation, a comfortable and good posture of the patient is also an important condition for anesthesia and surgery. Therefore, the pros and cons of the head holder fixture for craniocerebral surgery affect the operation to a large extent. On the basis of absorbing the advantages of foreign products, our company has made improvements and developed a new type of neurosurgery head frame.

Aluminum-magnesium alloy three needle holder

Surgical head holder manufacturers-functions and uses of craniocerebral surgery head holders

This headgear is a special equipment used in conjunction with craniocerebral surgery. It can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the needs of the operation, such as front and back, left and right swing, height and height, so as to obtain the best head and posture, and facilitate the operation and anesthesia management of the operation. , Plays a reliable role in guaranteeing the smooth progress of the operation.

Carbon Fiber Three Needle Holder

Surgical head holder manufacturer-structure and performance of craniocerebral surgery head holder

1.The whole set of equipment is composed of three parts: the base body, the craniocerebral fixation frame and the head rest. It can be assembled and used arbitrarily according to surgical needs.

2.The instrument adopts a crank connecting rod structure, and the locking adopts a lever handle to fasten, which is safe and reliable.

3.The whole set of equipment is reasonably designed, delicately manufactured, compact in overall structure, and small in size, so that the scope of surgical activities is relatively increased, and the physical strength of the doctor can be reduced from the surface.

4.The equipment is easy to install and adjust, which greatly shortens the preoperative preparation time.

Surgical headstock manufacturers—In order to connect our company’s headstock with all brands of operating tables, we have developed a headstock adapter. The surgical head frame connector is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, the product is beautiful, sturdy and durable, and easy to operate. When in use, it only needs to be stuck on the side rail of the operating bed, and then the plunger at the bottom of the head frame is inserted into the air, locked and fixed, and the stable connection is completed.

The surgical head frame connector can be matched with all operating tables, and can also be matched with all surgical head frames, surgical head rests and cervical traction devices.

Head Frame Transfer Frame

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