How to choose lateral support frame and Pelvic support frame?

The patient needs to be placed in a lateral position during lateral surgery or hip replacement surgery. The lateral position requires a pelvic support frame or a lateral support frame. The pelvic support frame and the lateral support frame are one product, or two products, which will be introduced in detail below.

1.The product introduced in the figure below is a common pelvic support frame/lateral support frame, which is a standard accessory that common brands of operating beds will be equipped with.

When the patient is lying on the side, the pelvic support frames on both sides bear against the lower abdomen and waist of the patient to achieve the purpose of fixation and facilitate the operation of hip replacement surgery.

2.In addition to the lateral support frame, the lateral position posture requires a suspended arm plate to support the patient’s arm.

3.The latest type of lateral support frame can fix the patient’s position more conveniently and flexibly. Different fixed support points can be selected according to different surgical sites. The new lateral position fixation system has six blocking posts, which can be fixed at any position, which is very convenient regardless of whether the patient is fat or thin.

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