Lithotomy position stirrups style medical leg boots Lithotomy stirrups

Lithotomy position pneumatic spring leg holder is also called the Lithotomy position leg holder, stirrup type leg boots,Because with pneumatic springs, it is also called pneumatic spring leg support.

Lithotomy position leg support is the best auxiliary device for leg fixation in the lithotomy position. Its appearance satisfies and improves the positioning effect of various lithotomy position surgical operations on the patient’s surgical position, reduces the work intensity of medical staff, and improves the efficiency and safety of the operation, it is the best working partner of medical staff.

Lithotomy stirrups is suitable for obstetrics and gynecology, urological surgery, laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgery, robotic surgery, colorectal surgery, etc.


1.Simple and easy adjustment
Subverting the cumbersome operation method of traditional leg support, the leg support at the stone cutting position can be easily placed and adjusted in all directions and the angle of the stone cutting position and abduction angle, greatly expanding the surgical field, even during the operation, the medical staff can also keep the legs It is easy to change the operation style and change the operation field area under a sterile state.

2.Zero pressure on the legs to protect the peroneal nerve

The unique boot-style leg rest design can avoid popliteal pressure, and the leg pressure is effectively distributed to the soles and buttocks. When the leg rest is moved, the leg rest can automatically adjust the position to reduce the pressure on the various muscle groups of the legs.

The wing-shaped design on the outside of the leg rest avoids the possibility of peroneal nerve damage and minimizes the pressure on the patient’s calf. In large-angle lithotomy surgery, the safety wings on the side of the leg rest can effectively fix the knee. Prevent knees from sagging naturally and avoid muscle strain.

The soft and resilient gel pad can effectively disperse the pressure, and when combined with the leg rest protector, it can provide secondary protection for the patient.

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