Microsurgery scaffold/liftable arm support bracket

Product name: Microsurgery hand support, liftable surgical bracket, lateral lying bracket on the operating bed, medical bracket arm support, adjustable and Medical multifunctional surgical support Product name.

This product is mainly used in various operations and is an auxiliary equipment for operations.Increase the stability of the operation, which can effectively relieve the doctor in the operation Fatigue state, which greatly improves the comfort of the operation and thus Ensure the accuracy of surgery.

Main feature:
1.Medical self-skinning, one-time molding after opening the mold, moisture-proof, non-slip, easy to clean.

2.The streamlined pallet design is moderate in hardness and ergonomics.

3.The ultra-thin all-aluminum integrated molding base is beautiful and stable, And does not affect the operation and use of any foot control equipment.

4.The stainless steel telescopic rod can be retracted freely, and the height can be adjusted at will according to the needs.

5.Metal ring type full-enclosed lock, one-key lifting, convenient, firm and beautiful.

6.The whole body can be washed and disinfected.

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