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Anti-Decubitus Waterproof Turn Over Pad

Model Number: Y-801
Color: Red,Blue And Other Color Optional
Material: PU Leather, Zipper, Polyurethane
Function Help Patient Turn Over Body On Bed
Application: Cognitive Impairment Patient And Behavioral Disorders



Y-801 Paralysis Bed Rest Nursing Patient Turning Over Device PU Leather Anti-Decubitus Waterproof Transfer Pad Lying Position Cushion

Material: Waterproof And Breathable Four-Way Stretch PU Leather, Zipper, Polyurethane.

1. The Cover Is Waterproof, Breathable And Soft Four-Sided Elastic PU Leather, Which Is Environmentally Friendly And
Hypoallergenic To Prevent Scratching The Skin Of The Elderly’s Legs;
2. There Are Two Handles At Each End, Which Can Be Easily
Pulled To Help The Elderly Turn Over;
3. The Interior Is Polyurethane With A Hardness Of 95, Which Will Not Deform For A Long
Time, Which Can Avoid Injury Or Discomfort To The Legs Of The Elderly.

1. Long-Term Bedridden Elderly Or Paralyzed Patients, Need Tools To Help Turn Over;
2. Help Patients Do Simple Exercise On Bed To Avoid Bedsores.
3. Fixed Wheelchair Posture,Wheelchair Card Method (Applicable To Some Wheelchairs, Not Applicable To Obese People)

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