Anti-fatigue decompression foot pad

Anti-fatigue Decompression Foot Pad

Model Number: JQ-FB-2-04/05/06
Product Name: Anti-fatigue decompression foot pad
Specification:Multi-size available
Application: Used in operating beds or hospital beds



Product Name Item NO Size (CM)
Anti-fatigue decompression foot pad JQ-FB-2-04 50*75*2
JQ-FB-2-05 50*75*2.5
JQ-FB-2-06 50*100*2
PVC, PU, and HBI anti-skid neoprene materials are combined into a single three-layer material, which can effectively disperse the pressure on the feet and greatly reduce the hardship of standing. Suitable for people: people who need to stand for a long time,such as surgeons, etc.

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