Decompression mattress

Medical Gel type Decompression Mattress

Model Number: JQ-FC-01
Product Name: Decompression mattress
Specification:Multi-size available
Application: Used in operating beds or hospital beds



Product Name Item NO Size (CM) Application
Decompression mattress JQ-FB-1-01 50*23*1.5 Used in operating beds or hospital beds to reduce the pressure at the compression point, increase blood circulation, and avoid pressure sores
JQ-FB-1-02 50*30*1.5
JQ-FB-1-03 50*40*1.5
JQ-FB-1-04 50*50*1.5
JQ-FB-1-05 80*50*1.5
JQ-FB-1-07 90*50*1.5
JQ-FB-1-08 95*60*1.5
JQ-FB-1-09 100*50*1.5
JQ-FB-1-10 110*70*1.5
JQ-FB-1-11 180*50*1.5
JQ-FB-1-12 185*53*1.2

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