Electric Hydraulic Operating Table
Electric Hydraulic Operating Table
Hydraulic operating table
Electric Hydraulic Operating Table
Electric operating table

Affordable Electric Hydraulic Operating Table

Item No.: JQ-AT6800-C3
Platform size: 2100mmx520mm
Lifting height: 700mm-1040mm
Horizontal sliding: 300mm
Waist bridge lifting distance: 120mm
Power supply power: 220V 50HZ
Lifting distance: 340mm
Rated load: 250kg



JQ-AT6800C3 Operation Theater Table Surgery Bed Electric Hydraulic Operating Table for General Surgery

Include armboard and Anesthesia screen frame,not inlcude other accessories.

Item No. JQ-AT6800-C3
Platform size 2100mmx520mm
Lifting height 700mm-1040mm
Trendelenburg/reverse trendlenburg ±30°
Left and right tilt angle ±20°
Leg plate adjustment angle -90°/abduction90°/+15°
Back angle +80°/-40°
Head plate angle +60°/-90°
Horizontal sliding 300mm
Waist bridge lifting distance 120mm
Power supply power 220V 50HZ
Lifting distance 340mm
Rated load 250kg
Dual controller system
One key zero
One key V-type anti-v-type
Head tail interchange

1.The base,lifting column housing,bed and side rails are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel,which is acid and alkali resistant,corrosion resistant and easy to clean.

2.Microcomputer control is adopted, which can realize one key reset,position memory function,etc.

3.The electrohydraulic system is used to drive the bed table. The bed table lifts,tilts back and forth,tilts left and right,the back plate lifts,moves horizontally,and resets zero.

4.table size: 2100mm * 520mm;

5.table table lifting (excluding mattress): minimum≤700mm,maximum ≥1050mm;

6.Longitudinal rotation (head low and foot high/head high and foot low):≥30°/30°

7.Side turning (left/right):≥20°/20°

8.Back segment (upper/lower): ≥80 °/40°;

9.Head section (upper/lower): ≥60°/90°;

10.Foot segment (upper,lower,open): ≥15°/90 °/180° ;

11.Translation distance: ≥300mm;

12.Waist lifter stroke: ≥120mm;

13.Split air spring leg plate,easy to operate and hover at will. After the head plate and leg plate are interchanged, they can be≥1450mm,meeting the requirements of full penetration C -arm and spine surgery.

14. Maximum load 350kg.

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