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JQ-067C Electric Carbon Fiber Spine Surgery system

Brand Name: JAQIMED
Model Number: JQ-067C
Product name: Electric spine surgery table
Material: Carbon fiber
Power Source: Electric
Compitable with: C-arm G-arm O-arm
Application: Orthopedic spinal surgery
Package Type: Packed in wooden case



JQ-067C Electric Carbon Fiber Spine Surgery Table

Standard Configuration:
1.Spine operating table main body (double column) 1 set
2. Carbon frame 1set
3. The head positioning system includes a set of head pads (including a special holder)
4. Two multi-joint arm supports (including special grippers)
5. Four-point pads (including high-grade blue sponge pads) 1 set
6. Handheld remote control 1pc

1. It adopts double-column design, the bed frame is made of high-strength carbon fiber material, which forms a stable, safe and reliable spine operating table with the columns on both sides.
2. The carbon surgical bed adopts imported motor, stable, safe and noise-free.
3. This carbon operating table can be turned over manually 360°, full perspective without dead angle, and meet the surgical position requirements from prone position to supine position during surgery.
4.The all carbon fiber four-point spine support body is made of Radiolucent material, and there is no metal to facilitate the shooting of C-arm, G-arm and O-arm without shadows.
5. The front and rear adjustment range of the four-point support body is ≥ 1000mm, and the left and right adjustment range is ≥ 250mm. Suitable for children and adults.
6. The length of the bed is ≥ 2860mm, the width of the base is ≥ 780mm, the length of the bed is ≥ 2070mm, the width is ≥ 500mm, the lifting range: minimum ≤ 680mm, maximum ≥ 1130mm, the table can also be mechanically adjusted in height from 0-400mm, electric front and rear tilt angle ≥12°, left and right tilt ≥20°.
7. The height of the headrest in prone position can be adjusted from 0-300mm, the headrest can be adjusted 360° in all directions, and it is equipped with an intubation channel and an intubation reflector for medical staff, which is convenient for checking whether the intubation is normal.
8. The base adopts four-point caster brake to ensure the safety and stability of the table.
9. The carbon operating table is detachable, and the base can be retracted and stored for easy transportation.

1.Suitable for spine, combined spine surgery, cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine operations; suitable for orthopedic robotic surgery: pelvis, upper limb surgical neck, femoral neck, femoral tuberosity, lower limb osteotomy and other operations.
2. Cooperate with the robotic system, orthopedic navigation system and various surgical X-ray machines (C-arm, G-arm, O-arm), intraoperative CT machine and other surgeries, which can meet the needs of robotic-guided orthopedic trauma surgery and spine surgery.

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