Semi-circular support pad

Semi-circular Support Pad

Model Number:JQ-FA-10
Product Name:Semi-circular support pad
Material:Polymer gel
Specification:Multi-size available
Usage:used on operating table



Semi-circular Support Pad

JQ-FC-10-01 30*10*4 cm Used to protect the compression points during surgery, reduce the pressure on the shoulders, chest, abdomen and other parts, and provide protection for nerve tissue
JQ-FC-10-28 40*10*4 cm
JQ-FC-10-27 30*12*7 cm
JQ-FC-10-11 20*15*7 cm
JQ-FC-10-12 25*15*7 cm
JQ-FC-10-02 30*15*7 cm
JQ-FC-10-13 35*15*7 cm
JQ-FC-10-14 40*15*7 cm
JQ-FC-10-15 45*15*7 cm
JQ-FC-10-03 50*15*7 cm
JQ-FC-10-16 30*10*7 cm
JQ-FC-10-17 40*10*7 cm
JQ-FC-10-04 50*10*7 cm
JQ-FC-10-05 50*10*4 cm
JQ-FC-10-18 30*15*10 cm


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