turn over cushion
turn over cushion
turn over cushion
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C007 R Shape Sponge Rollover Pillow

Color: Green
Size: L/M/S
Material: Sponge,Fabric,Zipper
Function: Help Patients Turn Over And Anti-Decubitus
Feature: Elderly Or Surgical Patients,Pregnant Women
Application: Assisted Turning Over
Advantage: Waterproof And Non-Slip



C-007-1 Anti-Decubitus R Shape Elderly Care Products Waterproof Non-Slip Triangle Auxiliary Sponge Rollover Pillow

1. Clinical Design Of Radian Shape: According To The Principle Of Ergonomics, The Design Of R-Curve Radian Fits The Physiological Curvature Of The Spine;
2. The Suede Jacket Is Soft And Breathable: The Fur Is Soft, Waxy, Drapeable, And Light In Texture;
3, Tarpaulin Protection Sponge: Can Not Be Bleached, A Small Amount Of Stains Can Be Wiped With Alcohol;
4. Hinged Anti-Skid Design, Anti-Skid And Washable: Both Anti-Skid And Convenient For Product Wash;
5. The Adjustment Of The Angle Is Convenient: It Can Be Adjusted By Moving Left And Right According To The Individual Needs.

Model No

C-007-1 R Shape Sponge Rollover Pillow


Medical Nursing Pad


L: 70*25*15cm   Suitable For Height 170cm More

M: 59*25*15cm   Suitable For Height 150-170cm Range

S: 50*25*15cm    Suitable For Height Under 150cm


Green Or Other Color


High-Stretch Sponge, Waterproof Inner Jacket, Cotton Jacket, Suede Fabric, Hinged Zipper

Apply Patients

Suitable For Patients In ICU, Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Neurology, Geriatrics, Etc. It Can Also Assist Pregnant Women To Turn Over Effectively During Pregnancy


Put It Under The 30-Degree Body On The Back And Sideways


Provides And Maintains Postural Support In Lateral 30° And Prone Positions, And Promotes Tissue Cells In Stressed Areas Of The Body. The Material Exchange Of The Interstitial Fluid Reduces The Pressure And Friction Of The Tissue Under Pressure, Promotes Blood Circulation, And Prevents Pressure Ulcers.

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